VIP Flights

This service will provide customized options to the VVIP’s and Executive Business travelers who visit UAE on official business or leisure. A helicopter transfer could be arranged within 24 hours [subject to availability] to present our clients with a seamless solution to destinations with no airport.

Our team of aviation experts will assist in sourcing and identifying the best aircraft available to charter requirements. We offer VVIP/VIP Twin-engine helicopters configured with comfort and elegance thanks to superior interior cabin design, air-conditioned versatility that includes sound-proofing and all-leather seating from 6 to 8 guests. To insure the safety of our passengers, Day and Night flights are operated by two professional and experience pilots.

Aerial Photography & Filming

Prestige Sky offers a range of Single/ Twin Engine Helicopters and various drone options. We identify and select exceptionally trained and skilled crew in the pursuit of providing high levels of service and quality.

Our team of experts are well- acquainted with up to date Aerial Filming Regulations from Dubai Film Commission, Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority.


Helicopter Aerial Filming has been delivering exceptional aerial videos since decades. Helicopters have succeeded in retaining their significance in the industry when it comes to filming complex aerial shot, vast area, high altitude, and speed. The entire process is carefully designed, ranging from sourcing a suitable and cost effective helicopter, camera equipment, refueling spots, permit to land in remote locations.


The use of drones in aerial filming is escalating rapidly, it is of importance to hire a Drone team that is professional and responsible. Production houses are making a tremendous use of the drone technology to nail that special close range Aerial Shot, without the requirement of high budget.


Providing aerial solutions for Geographical, Construction Surveys and Mapping projects, we offer a range of Single Engine &Twin Engine helicopters with high performance, long flight endurance and capability to cover Onshore / Offshore flying at low flight levels. On long term projects we assist clients to minimize daily ferry flights and maximize on operational flight hours options to suit project budgets. Our team of aviation specialists can assist you in identifying the right aircraft, equipment and permits to meet your project requirements.

Corporate Flight

This service will be offered for the corporate personal, ensuring a quick and safe flight between cities or accessing remote locations away from the city

This service available for corporate based on 72 to 48 hours from request submission; this service will have special phone line to ensure direct access to flights