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Who we are?

Prestige Sky where every flight is an unforgettable experience

At Prestige Sky we pride in being a choice among the Leading aviation brokerage companiesin UAE, specializing on domestic flight destinations based on customer preferenceor crowdsourced flights with precision and style.

Led by a team of experts, we continue to push the industry standards to new heights, with innovations in aviation technology that allow all our esteemed clients to travel the way they want. Prestige Sky will offer Adhoc flights between UAE Cities, providing a quick and flexible service for business professionals, making it possible for group passengers by crowdsourcing where this accessibility where not available before and to avoid traffic. Our team of aviation experts will assist in sourcing and identifying the best aircraft available meet your charter needs andenjoy air transfers between the airports and hotels.

Book a Flight in Seconds and On Your Own Terms.

The company will provide the customer access to the various helicopter and aircrafts to mobilize customers from the location they are looking to fly from by saving the customer time. the company based it is operation on the helicopter operators in UAE and the fixed wing operator. The service provided will be available for the customers by email/call/website form; customers can make reservation for flight in advance and if the customers does not have or know from where as helipad will fly from then Prestige Sky will ensure for the customer the access to the closest helipad and the customer even been dropped off or Prestige Sky will make that arrangement.